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7 Reasons to Own a Home in Brampton, Ontario

Location is arguably the most important factor when making the decision to invest in a home. Here are the top seven reasons to own a home in Brampton, Ontario.
Number one - The Value of Homes is Expected to Rise
Number two - it is the second Fastest Growing City in Canada
Number three - the city supports Multicultural-Friendly Lifestyle
Number four - the Confirmed imminent Construction of New University Campuses
Number five - the Connectivity to Markets
Number six the Easy Access to the 401 highway and the Pearson International Airport, and;
Number seven - in 2015 Brampton was awarded the top Foreign direct investment Strategy Among Mid-Sized Cities
Despite maintaining a relatively low profile, Brampton has become one of the most popular and fastest growing municipalities in Canada, and should definitely be on your list of areas to consider.
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7 Reasons to Own a Home in Brampton, Ontario

Here are the top 7 reasons to own a home in Brampton, Ontario.


1.     Value of Homes Expected to Rise
The real estate market in Brampton remains one of the hottest in all of Canada. In January 2016, the Royal LePage House Price Survey and Market Survey Forecast reported that house prices rose by 11.4% in Brampton over the course of one year.

2.     2ndFastest Growing City in Canada
Brampton ranks as the 9th largest city in Canada and is currently the second-fastest growing city in the country, averaging 4.2% growth (over 18,000 new residents) per year

3.     Supports Multicultural-Friendly Lifestyle
Brampton has a successful and diverse economy that features some of the highest quality lifestyle amenities available, including the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness, which opened in February of 2017.

4.     Construction of New University Campuses Coming Soon
Brampton, Ontario will be home to new University Campuses designed to give residents access to high-level post secondary education.

5.     Connectivity to Markets
Brampton is very well connected. Located just 90 minutes from the U.S. Border and adjacent to Canada’s  busiest and most-connected airport, the city has become a popular place to conduct business.

6.     Easy Access to 401 & Pearson International Airport
Brampton provides easy access to the 400-series provincial highway network and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

7.     Top FDi Strategy Among Mid-Sized Cities (2015)
FDi ranked Brampton as one of its Cities of the Future in 2015. The city was also awarded the top FDi strategy among mid-sized cities.


Brampton has become one of the fastest growing cities in all of Canada, making it a great place to invest in a home. Follow these 7 reasons to own a home in Brampton and be on the pathway to real estate success.